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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Partial Reps For Max Strength

I use partial rep training to help clients gain max strength in a short amount of time. Partial rep training does not replace full range of motion training but is used in conjunction with it. There are many reasons why it works. There are many different trains of thought about partial rep training, both pro and con. My experience has been very positive with partial rep training. It has always worked for me and my clients.

The simple version of why it works is as follows: When you stress your body properly with heavy loads, you force your body to respond to the stressor. If you are eating right, hydrating, getting enough recovery and sleep with this type of controlled stress, your body gets lean, strong and fast with a quickness. I have used partial reps with heavy one rep / low rep training for max gains in strength combined with medium to high rep training for conditioning / endurance. The combo is very effective when all of the variables are optimal (food, sleep, recovery, hydration etc…) and it produces significant results in record time.

I have had numerous clients increase their main lifts by 40-60lbs (squat,bench, military press,row,deadlift)in 60 days or less using these methods. The bottom line is that I use it because it works and it will work for you if you are interested.

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