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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Why Do Hard Training?

A lot of people ask me, why do I have them do the type of training that I do. The reason is simple. It works better than any other method that I have used.

Throughout the last 28yrs, I have participated in most forms of fitness training, always with a military / martial arts focus. The type of training that I do is designed primarily for performance enhancement but also works great for metabolic fat loss training.

People say, I am not trying to join the military, I just want to look and feel better. My reasoning is this: If the training that I have you do, will get a soldier in shape to perform well, under the extreme circumstances of military hardship, what do you think it will do for the average person?

The answer is that it will get you to a very high level of fitness in the least amount of time. When combined with the supportive nutrition plan and targeted fat loss cardio, my program gets you lean, strong and fast, sooner rather than later. Plateaus are planned for as the program increases in intensity and variety, constantly.

There is the functional aspect of my training that is key to all aspects of life. It has a military focus but carries over to daily life activities. The methods that I teach are used globally by military personnel, athletes and body transformation experts. Everyone who is in very good shape uses some or all aspects of my training in varying forms. The basic fitness principles are the same for a Russian Special Forces soldier or for a woman trying to get rid of baby weight.

Strength Training, core stabilization training, high intensity interval training and supportive nutrition. My methods combine all of these together to maximize efficiency and time. Why do 10 different things, when you can do 3 and get faster and better results? More bang for the buck and the hour.

Look at these pictures and find the relevance between my training and what you see.


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