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Sunday, March 15, 2009

Saturday Night Special

Tonight's workout kicked my ass as most do. Warmup consisted of rings pushups, perfect pushup bar pushups, band pull aparts, squats and a light set of 12 reps of 135lbs on the bench. I started off with the bench press but went light as I'm nursing my shoulder injury. I only went up to 285lbs and quit while I was ahead as to avoid injury.

Then I busted out the power wheel (PW). I did a superset of PW glute bridge/leg curls, pike ups to pushup and jacknife and then finished with single kettlebell pushups to renegade rows. I used the big green KB which is 61.6lbs and is a monster for me anyway. My form wasn't always perfect because I was fatigued and my trainer sucks at correcting my form. But I pulled it off without breaking anything.

The power wheel is one of the most awesome tools and it was definately a worthwhile investment. If you have a home gym or want to have a small collection of workout stuff at home or for travel, the power wheel is a key item to have. If you'd like to have your own, check it out here by clicking on the pic:

135lbs x 12 Bench Press Warmup

Power Wheel Glute Bridge / Leg Curl

Power Wheel Pike Up / Pushup / Jacknife

Single Kettlebell (61.6lb) Pushup to Renegade Row

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