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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Outdoor Workout with Latonya

Hi everyone,
With the weather giving us some good days, I have taken the workouts outside for a challenging dose of plateau breaking variety. This is one of my outdoor / bootcamp workouts that I use for an equipment free, bodyweight, total body conditioning & fat burning drill. Most of you have have already done this workout either at smith or at the house. Latonya went through it today.
In these videos she went through powerwheel handwalking, inchworms, karaoke shuffles, burpees w/ pushups, downward / upward dogs, bicycles, walking lunges and of course, a heavy dose of sprints in between each. This workout is very difficult as most of you already know. It works the whole body and the cardio system heavily. With this workout your heart rate stays extremely high throughout while you work everything from head to toe. It is very difficult to match the intensity of these types of workouts with traditional cardio or resistance training seperately. You get the most bang for the buck with these types of workouts in a very short amount of time. Here are a few video clips of a very fatigued Latonya doing some of the drills.

Power Wheel Hand Walking 1

Power Wheel Hand Walking 2


Karaoke Shuffle Drill


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