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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Knife Throwing and Double Sticks in the Back Yard

Today, I supplemented my heavy arm workout with some martial art practice in the back yard. In the quest to reimplement some old training methods from my younger days, I broke out the throwing knives and double sticks. I used to do this stuff daily, back in the day. I'm rusty and slow in my old age now but any effort will produce improved results. This stuff is alot harder than it looks and the skills are perishable. But I didn't do too bad for not having done it in an eon or so. This is an example of unorthodox training that requires little equipment. I practice the double sticks with two old branches, instead of escrima sticks and use tree limbs for targets. The knives are old junk knives. No big expenses there but still a good workout. I used to train people in this stuff often and women really like the knife throwing for some reason. The knife throwing is calming and meditative and is kinda like my version of dart throwing, except with big knives. If anyone is interested in this kind of training, let me know.

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