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Sunday, April 19, 2015

Nutrition Lesson From ILRRPS

The nutrition lesson from the international long-range reconnaissance patrol school (ILRRPS) in southern Germany. 

In 1989, I attended the winter patrol course at the international long-range reconnaissance patrol school. 

This course taught LRRP patrolling operations in Alpine and winter, mountainous environments. 

The physical demands of operating in an Alpine mountain environment are very high. 

Nutrition and hydration are vital keys to success. 

In addition to our standard rations that we were issued, we were also given large quantities of German chocolate bars. 

Some were plain chocolate while others had chocolate and nuts. 

The fundamental nutrition lesson from the ILRRPS course was to eat a little, a lot. 

This concept of eating a little, a lot, is a fundamental concept used throughout many different styles of nutrition and fitness training as in bodybuilding and other body transformation programs. 

Using this concept provides your body with a steady stream of fuel so that your body does not become catabolic and start eating itself for nutrients. 

Preserving lean body mass during extended operations is critical for survival. 

This also provides for maintaining energy levels and prevents early fatigue.

Operating in mountain environments during the winter requires many calories and it makes every task very difficult. 

Without constant fueling, you'd become fatigued very quickly and the odds of you completing your mission would be degraded. 

It is an old concept in the nutrition and fitness worlds but it is one that is proven and has been a constant throughout the ages. You can't go wrong with it. 

So anytime you're outdoors, plan for constant nutrition by carrying items that are easily storable and that you can have readily available; such as trail mixes, beef jerky and food items of a similar nature.

Fuel the machine properly and it will perform at amazing levels for you. 

Remember the ILRRPS lesson- when in doubt, eat a little, a lot. 

Eric Dempsey
Master Sergeant,
U.S. Army Retired
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