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Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Does Eating Fruit Make You Fat?

One of the current popular topics of debate is about fruit and its effects on body composition. While numerous studies have shown that fruit does not have any negative impact on body composition and is undoubtedly healthy and good for you, I offer a word of caution. 

Fruit is full of fructose which is a natural sugar. There is a difference between processed fructose like high fructose corn syrup and natural fructose found in fruit.

But regardless of its type, it is still a sugar and needs to be addressed as such. That means if you eat fruit in your meal plan (which you should), it needs to be accounted for in your carb category.

As long as it is part of your planned intake and your total carb/sugar intake is within the right amounts based upon your goals and requirements, you shouldn't ever have any problems from eating fruit and in fact it will be beneficial.

Like anything else, if you eat too much fruit along with other carbs and sugar, it may push your carb levels too high and have an adverse effect on fat loss.

Many people say that they have never seen someone get fat eating fruit. - I agree. I also say that I've never seen an overweight person get lean by eating a lot of fruit.

Also, people react to fruit differently and each fruit has different glycemic levels and amounts of fructose.

Bottom line is that fruit is super healthy and needs to be in your meal plan. Use it as your sweets during a body composition program. If you are trying to get lean, keep your carbs to vegetables and some fruit. Fruits are great as pre/post workout carbs.

Use fruit wisely and you won't have any problems.

Fruit is super healthy for you. It needs to be in your meal plan in the appropriate amounts.

This video shows studies that resulted in the findings that fruit did not cause any negative effects even in large amounts. That doesn't mean that you would have the same results.

My experience with many clients tells a more cautious tale.

Everyone reacts differently to different foods.

Too much sugar and carbs from any source will make you fat. There is no way around that fact.

On a body composition program, the majority of your carbs should come from vegetables and the remainder from fruit.

Primarily use fruit and starchy veggies pre and post workout and you should be fine.

Eric Dempsey
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