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Thursday, February 6, 2014

My 2 cents on the latest Biggest Loser shocker!

Ok my 2 cents on the latest Biggest Loser shocker! Everyone is talking about Rachel's massive weight loss and how she took it too far. You know the sheeple will never be happy. That's what crap shows like that are for.

There are millions who would trade places with her in a heartbeat. Who cares if she is bony, death camp survivor looking, unhealthy and might die tomorrow from a thousand different health issues, she is SKINNY. She is a beautiful and wonderful person, I'm sure, but she is very skinny.

She was actually able to do what everyone on the show has always wanted to do. So kudos to her. And anyone who says the oh I would never... BULL. People are jealous. That is what the sheeple crave. That is what society has trained the sheeple to know and love. The show has never been about health and fitness. Never will be. As long as you say weight loss and stick to the weight loss mantras, you will be doomed. Rachel is the result of weight loss. Is that really what you want?

Fat loss, body transformation, body composition and lean body mass development are heathy, fit terms that everyone should look into. Weight loss means that you end up looking like Rachel and the thousand other prisoners at the death camp. Fat loss means that you look healthy and fit.

For Rachel to be healthy and fit, she will need to put on some lean body mass and that will cause her to GAIN weight. OH NOOOOO!

Bottom line is that Rachel did exactly what the show asked of them and she won. She took it to the edge, literally, - death was probably close by.

It's a weight loss show - it's about losing pounds on the scale and she smoked that ass. It isn't about fitness and health, It's a weight loss show, It isn't about fitness and health, It's a weight loss show . . . . . get it?

But hey, congrats to her and all the best. If she is ever in town, I'd buy her a hamburger or ten. Hope she survives.

Great job biggest loser! You still suck. That is all.

Eric Dempsey
NASM Weight Loss Specialist
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