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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

My Get Lean Program Winter 2012 Is Over: Now For 2013

My 5th week of my Winter 2012 Get Lean Program didn't go as planned as I had my baby princess Abby with me. The 4 yr old angel convinced Daddy that we deserved more cheat meals than planned :) So I broke down and agreed. We had a great time together. I ended up maintaining my numbers and I'm ok with that.

When you embark on a get lean program, you have to clearly identify your goals. The purpose of my get lean programs are to show the average Joe / average Jane that you can achieve and maintain a healthy body composition and performance level using my program without going to fitness competitor / bodybuilder extremes.

I could have done better and more and achieved greater results. But I would have had to put in way more time, money and energy into doing that which of course would have impacted other aspects of my life. What was my goal? I wasn't going to a fitness model photo shoot or a fitness competition.

I was simply wanting to be as lean as I could maintain while operating within my normal daily life and to start the new year off at a good place as far as performance and body composition. I succeeded in my personal goal. I raised my PR's / 1 rep maxes back to pre- shoulder injury levels without causing further damage and was able to remain as lean as I could afford to while maintaining my normal daily life.

People don't realize how much work it takes to get in real shape and to get really lean. It takes time, money, dedication and alot of constant work in the kitchen and gym. When you are overweight / out of shape, it is actually easier to make big progress. As you get in better shape and leaner, it gets harder and harder to make noticeable progress.  That's just the way it is. And your goals drive you to keep pushing to break the inevitable plateaus that naturally occur. 

So now as we begin 2013, I am in a place where I can plan and start off in a position where I'm not starting from scratch. I believe fitness is a yearlong, everyday, every year lifestyle that doesn't have social rules. Stopping before new year's day and then making some big plans to undo the deliberate lazy neglect under the guise of a new year's resolution is a ridiculous concept to me but it is the social norm. I will never agree with the norms of society. 

So when you make goals / resolutions for this year, make sure that they are progressive, retainable and contribute to a lasting lifestyle change. Use the S.M.A.R.T. concept and get the most bang for your buck as you make exercise and nutrition improvements. Starting and stopping, falling off the wagon, backsliding, are all signs that your plan wasn't well thought out and wasn't sustainable in your normal life. If you can't do it long term then you have to question it. Nothing good in life comes quick, easy or cheap.

I will embark on many more get lean adventures to keep myself in the healthiest, best shape possible. But I won't be going to any crazy extremes. Think about your goals and ask yourself what it is that you really want and really need to be healthy and fit. The cover of a magazine is not usually in that equation. What progress I have made, although not earth shattering, can be maintained year round. Keep that in mind as you plan for your goals. It's the long term that counts not the quick fix. Stay tuned and Happy New Year!

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