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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Bootcamp Mafia Episode 2

So this week has started with some classics. The wounded troll said last night that I should just make him (the hated one) the trainer. I had visions of battle axes and blood spurting high. -oh just cause I was watching spartacus- not cause I would ever want to harm the special couple after a statement like that. As she walked out she caringly caressed his back. =GAG VOMIT AHHHHH

Cage fighter missed that one. She has been tending to a broken hammer toe.

The questions still remain:
who bought the f*$king dog?
Is there a new man of the week and is he an E-5 or an E-6?
So what is wrong with the serpent's tail exactly?

What ever happened to Patti? After she attended the last meditation class where Jillian somehow became mortally wounded, Patti fell off the cliff. She brought the music CD for the class. Wounded sperm whales being harpooned by pigmy japanese whalers. I couldn't play it obviously but I'll sell you the cd for a buck.

At least Terina showed up to shed a ray of sunshine on the topic. Snorting and talking of farting and such. You know- the usual.

Then the new girl asked: " do you hate me?" "Am I your worst client?" "Am I hopeless?" Holy hockey puck batman. I don't get paid enough. I should just make a smoothie bar and sit there listening to people tell me their woes while selling overpriced protein shakes.

The week is not over so I'll update if necessary. Comment and like -support the team.

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