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Saturday, January 26, 2013

Bootcamp Mafia: What was he doing in the bathroom for 20 minutes??

Special announcement: Ninja Woman, through acts of gallantry on the fields of training, has evolved and is now Titled: CAGE FIGHTER.

Within any group dynamic, there is always a mix of personalities. This mix of personalities causes a variety of events to unfold which invoke all forms of human emotion and can be humorous, happy, sad, annoying, comical and downright infuriating. In today's world, media companies such as TV and cable have capitalized on this concept and created Reality Shows of all makes and models. We have realized that within the bootcamp, this phenomenon also exists. We also have stories to tell of and share. Let the drama unfold....

The Rapid Fat Loss Bootcamp at Dempsey's Resolution Fitness is no joke. It is designed for serious people who want to get in serious shape. But it is open to all people of all fitness levels. Many come and go but the dedicated few form a tight knit cell of hardcore fitness athletes who strive to better themselves through the struggles and trials of physical culture.

Disclaimer: These stories are meant for entertainment and humor. They are based upon truths and real life events. They are not meant to offend or butt hurt anyone. No real names will be used. No malice or harm is ever directed or intended towards anyone. Just having fun. Don't like it, go away.

Approximately 3-4 months ago, during one of the great annual special deals, a mysterious man joined the group. Through his actions, he has attained the rank and title of "The Hated One". This title has been awarded several times in the past, however, it has never been such a truly deserved and earned title before. Previous holders of this title pale in comparison to the current holder of said title.

The "hated one" attended class in an irregular and haphazard manner. Quick summary of qualities that earned him his title: Always late, acting weird, annoying everyone in class, putting out minimal effort during the workouts, invading the no fly zone of most people and generally pissing everyone off with his actions and words. It didn't take long for him to earn his reputation and title as "The Hated One".

It has to be noted that to earn this title, you really have to be a class act. The bootcamp atmosphere is light and playful. Full of laughter, no stress and a haven against the crazy outside world. It is a place where you can come in and be part of a team of like minded individuals who workout very hard and try to achieve their personal goals alongside teammates in a group setting. So to be the cause of negativity in such a positive atmosphere, you have to be a TOOL.

And a TOOL, he is - this "Hated One". Tonight, he came in late and acted weird as usual, quickly annoying everyone. He was in and out, barely exerting himself for brief moments and then BAM, he disappeared into the bathroom for what seemed to be at least 20 minutes. Keeping in mind, that the class is one hour long.

What the hell was he doing in there for 20 minutes? Many have speculated as to what was going on. Maybe he was sick and not feeling well. Certain people have insinuated that he may get aroused by the presence of the bootcamp girls and that he was taking care of disgusting animal needs. GAG! No one will ever know what he was doing in the bathroom for 20 minutes. Nobody really cares. And nobody really wants to know. All we can say is WTF???

And there is speculation that the "Hated One" has relations with the "Wounded Troll". A shuddering thought.
Please comment and share your experiences. More to follow. Stay tuned for the next episode of the Bootcamp Mafia.

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