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Saturday, August 27, 2011

FAT Makes you FAT -NOT A Scale number!

The weight loss war continues as the 33 billion dollar a year industry continues to brain wash you into buying the weight loss lie. But science and the human body remain unchanged. Body weight has never equalled body fat and never will. To get the excess storage and visceral fat from your body, you need to burn the fat and stop storage and production of new fat deposits. Dropping pounds on a scale has nothing to do with that. If the pounds are not coming from fat and you don't have a clue where it's coming from, you are doing little to help yourself. You just lose weight and become the new health hazard called "skinny fat". Skinny fat has a medical name - it's known as sarcopenia. Sarcopenia is the age induced loss of lean body mass and used to just be common in older people. But in today's brain washed and twisted world, sarcopenia is now open to the masses from young kids to older adults.

When you lose weight traditionally by reducing calorie intake and exercising more, your calorie expenditure exceeds your intake and thus you lose weight.  The problem is that without calculating the numbers and tracking the data, the weight loss comes primarily from lean body mass and not fat which causes a big issue. You get thinner from lean body mass loss and you think you are doing good but in actuality you are losing vital stuff that you need to keep and you are putting yourself at risk for a number of physical problems. But nobody wants to hear that.

To be healthy, you need to ensure that your weight loss is from fat and fat alone. And to burn just fat is difficult, which is why it's not popular, because everyone wants easy, quick and cheap. The reality is that you are either in a muscle building state (anabolic) or a muscle destroying state (catabolic). Traditional weight loss is almost completely catabolic. Not good for the health team.

I teach fat loss and muscle building. Toning muscle is a fake term that really means burning fat so you can see the muscle underneath - you don't actually do anything to the muscle to see it better other than build it. The fat has to come off to see it. Muscle is what actually burns fat as a fuel at mitochondria level, which is another reason weight loss is unhealthy. When you burn lean body mass to lose weight, you are destroying the actual furnace that burns fat and it's a self defeating cycle where you can never win.

Burn fat and build muscle so you can lose inches, sizes and unsightly fat while preserving and building muscle to give you the hard body that you want. But that is the hard way. It takes will power, discipline, motivation and just plain old hard work. The nutrition is the hardest and the exercise required is hard as well. A celery stick, energy drink, zumba dance, step class and a good yoga stretch won't cut it. They all avoid the hard part - high intensity. Strength training, metabolic conditioning, targeted fat loss cardio and nutrition are the optimal ingredients. - That's where I come in. That's what I do.

If you are tired of the diets, saggy skin, muffin top, lack of strength and energy and just being gross naked, then you need to see me. I can teach you how to adjust the not so good things to be good, sustain the good things you are doing and completely get rid of the bad stuff in a sensible way that works and is proven by real people just like you. If you want to learn more, let me know.

Train hard and eat your good food.
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