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Saturday, November 6, 2010

Don't Fear Going Out To Eat

I hear it all of the time from clients. "I was doing good then we went out to eat". Why is going out to eat so bad? All you have to do is make the right choices. For example-tonight I went out to Logans in Tigertown. I ordered a 16oz ribeye steak, broccoli, house salad, two rolls with butter and a diet coke. I needed a good meal with alot of calories after my heavy chest press and shrug machine deadlift workout today. It was the highest calorie meal of my day - optimal No. Did I overeat during this meal- probably not. I was still short on total daily calories which means I still undereat. I'm working on it like you should be. Was it perfect-No. Was it that bad - No. Was it really good tasting- Yes. One meal doesn't ruin a day, one day doesn't ruin a week, one week doesn't ruin a month. So don't fear going out to eat. Make good choices and most of all -enjoy yourself!

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