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Saturday, August 22, 2009

SAT WOD - Inferno 22 AUG 09

New Workout
I always try to amaze myself and once again I pulled it off. I kicked my own ass in 1 minute and 15 seconds and it was the hardest cardio interval I've done lately. It was also a total body smoker. The video doesn't look like I'm really exerting myself but let me tell you what... it kicked my ass like nothing I've done lately. I was only trying to demo the exercises for the video but it turned into a shotgun blast of lung searing hell. This workout of the day was thus named "inferno". Complete as many rounds as possible in two minutes - I was done with one round.

Why was it so hard you say? 1. I weigh 225lbs and it's hard for me to move my fat butt with my injuries. 2. ok the wheelbarrow has at least 200lbs of concrete in it. The tire pull used the tire with rim (35lbs at least) and a 50lb sandbag in it so conservatively let's say 85lbs. Then add the run, jump over the tire and pushup and you have found a new short cut to intensity.

This workout will be coming soon to a bootcamp near you - modified of course. If you want to test yourself to the under 2 minute challenge, let me know - I dare ya.... hehehehe
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