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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Kimberly's Workout 25 AUG 09

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Today, Kimberly did a killer workout consisting of kettlebell squat to overhead press with 30lbs with both hands and single arm kettlebell squat to overhead press with a 35lb kettlebell, then the powerwheel handwalking, pikeup to pushup and knee tuck in, high box jumps, glute-ham raises, 180lbs shrug machine deadlifts, jumping pullups to pushups and 135lbs barbell deadlifts. She completed this workout after completing the morning fitness bootcamp workout. These exercises are very difficult for most women and Kimberly shows that women can train hard and should not be intimidated by hard exercises. The days of the pink dumbbell for women are over!!

Powerwheel Handwalking 1

Powerwheel Handwalking 2

Box Jump 1

Box Jump 2

Glute Ham Raise

180lbs Shrug Machine Deadlift

Jumping Pullup to Pushup

135lbs Barbell Deadlift - even though Kimberly could do 180lbs on the shrug machine deadlift, the barbell deadlift is much harder, even with lighter weight. It is lower to the floor which increases the difficulty level alot. Here she struggles to pull off a rep with 135lbs and she got it!

Powerwheel Pikeup to Pushup and Knee Tuck In

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