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Monday, May 18, 2009

Monday's Workout

Today was a good weather day so I did a outdoor / indoor workout consisting of heavy bag warmup, powerwheel rollouts, standing dumbbell overhead press, kettlebell clean to overhead press, sandbag calf raises, and sandbag squat to overhead press. Workout was quick, basic and total body. Sandbags are a great inexpensive tool that can be used for a million exercises. When the weather is good, try to get outside and think outside the box. Workouts don't need to be long and slow to be effective. Quick, high intensity basic drills can be super effective and great for when you are busy. Something is almost always better than nothing.

Martial Art Warmup

Powerwheel rollouts for my fat belly

Standing Dumbbell Overhead Press with arm curls

Kettlebell Clean, squat to overhead press

Sandbag Calf Raises

Sandbag Squat to Overhead Press

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