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Friday, September 11, 2015

10 Minute At Home Workout 6

10 Minute At Home Workout 6:

Whether you are an older adult, disabled, recovering from injury or simply wanting to begin an exercise program, starting to exercise can be challenging. 

You don't need fancy equipment, elaborate accommodations or a lot of time.

You just need the will and discipline to make yourself better. 

Here is another simple but effective routine that requires no equipment and allows you to remain standing. Modify as required. 

4 exercises using a wall and body weight. 

Do each exercise for as many good reps as possible for 1 minute. Repeat for a second round with minimal to no rest in between.

1. Angled wall plank isometric hold
2. Wall press
3. Glute hip extensions L & R side
4. Assisted wall squat

This will take you 10 minutes and will work the major muscle groups while raising your heart rate. 

As a beginner level workout, this is low impact and can be done by just about anyone regardless of where you are at. 

Bottom line is that if you want to make a change, start now and do something!

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