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Sunday, June 7, 2015

The gym is your friend for life

This is my science lab and my chapel. For 36 years, I have spent some time in a gym, from all around the world, almost everyday. 
This is where I have thrived, proven what works and what doesn't, and developed my program. 
I have also changed many lives over the years. 
The gym is my happy place, my zen spot. 
Weak is a choice, so is being strong. And strength must be developed in mind, body and spirit. 
The gym will never fail you, betray you or leave you. It is your one true friend and ally. When in doubt, I say, go to the gym. Free your mind and your glutes will follow.

Eric Dempsey
Master Sergeant, U.S. Army Retired 
NASM Certified Personal Trainer and Weight Loss Specialist 
Masters Degree in Exercise Science
Dempseys Resolution Fitness
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