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Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Wildlife Chronicles of Salem, AL: Mr. Squirrel teaches me something new

So while enjoying this morning's cup of coffee and conducting my daily ritual SLLS (stop, look, listen and smell) halt, I heard a familiar animal sound.

I've heard it many times before during my time in the woods. I always thought it was a bird of some kind, like a dove or something.

I scanned the wood line for the sound and low and behold, there was Mr. Squirrel.

He must have been doing his mating call or he was raging at the world because it was a cold, wet morning.

I know his night must have been far colder and sucked way more than mine did, so I was feeling for him as he shouted at the world.

But he was probably just trying to hook up with his furry female girlfriend.

He was gyrating his big fluffy tail in concert with his grunts not unlike some antics I've seen at the clubs over the years.

I had heard that sound a zillion times but I never knew it was a squirrel.

That was my nature lesson for the day during my SLLS halt.

I try to learn something new everyday.

Today, I'm already ahead of the game. Thanks Mr. Squirrel!!

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