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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Wildlife Chronicles Of Salem, AL: Enter Jonathan, The Snake!

Anyone know what kind of snake this is? I'm thinking it is a gray rat snake but I'm not sure.

So while conducting post tornado yard cleanup this morning, I was surprised to see a big ass snake near my front door. I watched him for a few minutes, took some pics of him and named him Jonathan. I told him that while it was nice of him to visit, it was best if he moved along.

I got a big stick and moved within a few yards of him and told him again, to step off - or in this case, slither off. He coiled up a bit in protest. I told him that I was not in the mood for snake games and that if he didn't depart the area, we were going to have issues, resulting in his untimely death. He chose to move to the bushes near my door. I used my stick to tap the bushes and he slithered away, around the corner.

He was about 1 meter long and had a light gray body with dark splotches as you can see in the photo. His tail was tapered and had no rattle. He doesn't look like a threat although I don't need him hanging around my front door. Hopefully he will move on and I won't have to kill him.

Geez, last was a possum, now a snake, what will I find next outside my front door?

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