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Friday, July 5, 2013

Two Week Fat Shredder Challenge: Win Free Bootcamp

How much body fat can you lose in two weeks?

Want to lose body fat and earn free Bootcamp? 

For only $49, you get 10 days of fitness bootcamp with 10 workouts offered per week. 

Meal plans, nutrition coaching and targeted fat loss cardio program included.

If you bring a buddy, yu can split the cost and pay only $25 each.

First time clients get a free trial workout so you can try before you buy. 

If you lose 5% bodyfat in the ten days, you will receive a month of fitness bootcamp (normally $120 a month) for free.

In the next ten days, you could just be ten days older and possibly fatter or you could be on your way to the body you desire.

Carla (pictured below with her husband) just completed the 10 day Fat Shredder Challenge. In 10 days, she lost 1.6% body fat, 4.5lbs and 5.5 inches from her waist. While she didn't win the free bootcamp, she made some dramatic, good changes to her body and her nutrition is so much better. She is just getting warmed up. Great work Carla!

George (Carla's husband, pictured below) completed his 10 day Fat Shredder Challenge. In 10 days, he lost 9lbs, 1.5 inches from his waist and 0.4% bodyfat. Great job!

Photo: George and Carla working hard on the sleds!

Grab a buddy and try the two week Fat Shredder Challenge! Enroll now!

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