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Saturday, March 2, 2013

Paleo Bread, Paleo Muffins - Really?? Enough Already!

So I'm a supporter of Paleo and Primal concepts. My nutrition program is based upon Paleo and Primal principles. I don't follow the diets but rather the bigger principles on which they are based. I have an issue with some of the parameters in the diets but overall I mostly agree with them. Have I made myself clear - I'm PRO Paleo and Primal.

Like everything in our society, people are capitalizing on what's popular for monetary gain. And why not? That's what smart business does. I have no problem with that. But it gets to a point where the whole concept is diluted and smeared by drifting away from the core of the topic.

Here is where my problems arise:
Paleo this and Paleo that! Here is my thoughts about it. If Grok didn't have it, is it really Paleo or Primal? I say HELL NO!.

Let's start with Paleo Bread.

Now as bread goes, this brand looks awesome and I'd love to try it. I'm all for it and think it's great. But do you have to call it Paleo? Not that it matters but it gives certain people the idea that baked goods were real deal in Grok's time. Did Grok have an oven and the ability to make this type of bread just like this? - I doubt it. Grok didn't bust open his oven and bake this recipe at 350 for an hour and Bam fresh Paleo bread yay!



Ok so you get my point. The products have great ingredients and if Grok's mom did bake and make fudge in the cave kitchen, these are probably the modern version of what it would have looked like. It's all great stuff. But hunter gatherers didn't bake nothing.

So how Paleo is it really? It's not a big deal and most people don't give a rat's ass anyway. It just irritates me.  Kind of like when vegetarians say " I'm a vegetarian and sure I eat fish and eggs and this and that" - Then bullshit, your not a vegetarian in my book. You either are or you aren't. Make up your mind. Same with Paleo - Don't sit in a hippie coffee place eating paleo muffins, drinking paleo coffee and having paleo dialogue while wearing your paleo clothes when clearly nothing about the whole concept has anything to do with PALEO.

But as I said, all of the stuff is awesome and I'm glad there are healthy alternatives and more food choices using paleo principles. But man, calling a freaking muffin or slice of bread Paleo irks the crap out of me.
That is all! Carry on.

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