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Thursday, March 14, 2013

Introducing FitRanX - The Revolutionary Fitness Ranking System

 I just wanted to let you all know about an exciting new system that we at Dempsey's Resolution Fitness 
are stoked to be taking part in.

Have you ever wished that you had more short-term goals along the way to your long term goals?

Well there's this cool new ranking system called FitRanX and it is going to help each and every one of you guys and gals stay MOTIVATED with new fitness goals. I'm doing it as well.

FitRanX is the only fitness ranking system used around the world and we get to be a part of that. It works through fun and exciting fitness tests to literally get you to the next level of fitness.

There are 8 levels with 3 different age brackets (16-35, 36-55, and 56+) so all of you can be a part of this.
Level 8 being the utmost best physical shape any one individual can be in. It tests strength and conditioning and ensures full body fitness by keeping your upper, lower and core body strength proportionate.

I passed my first FitRanX level 1 test Wednesday night! Scott also passed Level 1 as well. I appreciate every ones good luck wishes. So Scott and I will get our Level 1 Gray RanX Band and a certificate of achievement.

The tests are no joke. The level 1 test was much harder than I expected. There is a specific standard for each exercise and it is a pass / fail test. It's not impossible. It's just a hard workout. If you are prepared, you won't have a problem passing. But you definitely will earn your band.

If you haven’t heard already, you will start to hear the buzz about FitRanX around the studio soon. I will  begin to incorporate FitRanX test exercises into your workouts. Once we have a good idea of where everyone stands, we’re going to throw a fun and exciting test day. Friends and family are welcome
to come watch.

After you pass your tests, you guys will be given your official colored RanX band and a certificate of achievement. I expect to see all of you sporting your new band with pride around the studio and out in town.

Just by seeing what level you are, I will be able to develop workouts for you that are the appropriate level of challenge and drive to keep you continually focused on getting to the next level and in the best shape of your life!

If you think you are ready for level 1, let me know. Get ready to LEVEL UP!

If you want to know more, just ask me when you see me at the studio or contact me and I can give you more details. This rank system is open to the public. If you want to see where you are at and test yourself against a set standard of performance, this is it. 

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