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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Bootcamp Mafia Episode 4: Dreams Don't Always Come True

Disclaimer: My bootcamp mafia episodes are for comedy, humor and entertainment only. All characters are purely fictional and exist only in my nightmares. No offense or hard feelings are ever intended. And as always, if you don't like it, disappear, like a wallet full of money, on payday. 

So I always had visions of training warriors and warrior princesses and the like. Hardcore people who stopped at nothing to attain their goals. Team oriented, loyal, hard working and dedicated to the mission and the team. Reality set in 7 years ago and I had to accept that I would really train common folk. I have trained many soldiers and their wives. I have trained people from all walks of life and numerous professions.

But the majority have been average jane and average joe of all makes and models. And that turned out fine as I always had soldiers and some athletes in the mix. I've always had a small elite clan of followers who made it worth going to work everyday. I truly enjoy my job. It is my passion  and has been for 30 odd years now. 

The tides have changed recently and a new era has arisen. I contemplate the term "curse" often now. I don't know what caused this dramatic shift but it is alarming to say the least. 

February is always a slow month for me. The January crowd has fallen by the wayside and those who linger on fade in February as life delivers it's body blow of reality to the masses. But there are always my small band of loyal die hards who never quit. And a new lot in the mix who never DIE!

People have been scattered to the four winds this week and most have not shown up for a variety of reasons. Then out of the abyss, comes the crew that I didn't expect to see. My favorite fictional characters from across the black hole, rear their ugly heads in unison and march forth to the sound of war drums. 

Kumar, Troll and Zombie Man. Like night stalkers, they encroach on my position. And of course, nobody else is around to witness my plight. A 45 minute session in hell and torment. Fortunately, it passes and they slither away to leave me broken and scarred. I'm burned out and stressed now. The fire of my passion dims with each blow of the curse. 

I will regroup and emerge victorious as I won't let the band of the curse bring me down. I will fight on.
Stay tuned for more as I'm sure disappointment and hell on earth are destined to follow. Till then....

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