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Saturday, May 19, 2012

What I Learned From The Current Issue Of Train Hard Fight Easy Issue

So in the current issue of Train Hard Fight Easy, I saw several things worthy of review.

First is that diet soda makes you fatter than regular soda. This has been known for awhile. Artificial sweeteners trick your body into thinking that you are eating sugar and have the hormonal response as if you did, except there is no sugar so you get an insulin response without the sugar which jacks up your system and makes you fat. Plus the artificial sweeteners are not good for you for many different reasons which also adds to increased fat storage and other medical issues. Only really a concern if you drink too much diet soda all the time.

 Next is the fish high in omega 3. You want to make sure that you add a variety of fish into your protein and fat sources to capitalize on the awesome protein and good fat content of fish. 

Then there is the ice baths used by athletes and MMA fighters for recovery after brutal workouts. Article says that it isn't as great as everyone make it out to be. It is extreme but I believe and know from experience that ice treatments do help to a degree. Maybe not a full blown bath but ice packs have been working on injuries and sore areas forever. Use it to whatever degree works for you. I use ice packs on sore areas and injuries but wouldn't get into an ice bath. Your call.

Ah yes, then we have the red meat hater article once again spewing nonsense about red meat killing you. Unless you eat 8 tons of hormone and antibiotic injected corn or grain fed beef every day, I call BS on the red meat thing. A steak every now and then won't hurt you and it is awesome protein. Try to only eat grass fed, free range beef and bison with no antibiotics or hormones. 

They listed an MMA conditioning workout utilizing a BOSU for striking. I found this interesting as I use the BOSU and the striking drills but never used them together. So I learned a new combination of drills and exercise devices. Ground striking drills and the BOSU - I like it.

So there you have it. A bunch of different topics of interest - overall it's great info in one of my favorite magazines. I don't always agree with everything but for the most part Train Hard Fight Easy puts out really good content. And their content usually is in line with my training philosophies and principles. I recommend it as part of any fitness, nutrition and training reading list. Check it out if you get a chance.


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