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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Are You One Of The 78% Who Fail With Their New Years Resolutions?

It's already way past the usual date for people who fail in their new years resolutions. Up to 78% of people fail in their new quests for change. And these people are usually chronic failures. Meaning every time they set a goal for themselves, they blow it. Even when following self help expert advise. Are you one of those people? I hope not. Change happens with the first step forward. Make a plan, stick to it, modify it as necessary but never quit. It has to be realistic and attainable.

Lifestyle changes don't happen overnight. It takes almost a month to make or break a habit. So tactical patience, a realistic timeline, a solid yet flexible plan and social support are some of the things that will get you to your goal. Milestones and achievement markers are another way to motivate yourself on your journey towards change in your life. Aother technique is to use the SMART acronym with your goals. SMART stands for “smart” – specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and tangible or timely.

Check this out from an online article:
Of the 78% who failed, many had focused on the downside of not achieving the goals; they had suppressed their cravings, fantasised about being successful, and adopted a role model or relied on willpower alone.

"Many of these ideas are frequently recommended by self-help experts but our results suggest that they simply don't work," Wiseman said. "If you are trying to lose weight, it's not enough to stick a picture of a model on your fridge or fantasise about being slimmer."

On the other hand, people who kept their resolutions tended to have broken their goal into smaller steps and rewarded themselves when they achieved one of these. They also told their friends about their goals, focused on the benefits of success and kept a diary of their progress.
These are some great tips! Read the whole article here:

So if you fell off the wagon, didn't start or just need to get off your butt and do it, I have another chance to make it right in the fitness, nutrition and lifestyle realm anyway.

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Hang in there! You can do it. Come see me and lets get it started.
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