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Friday, November 25, 2011

The Meal Movement: Amy's Testimonial


This is the real deal recommended by top trainers around the world to their clients. Meal planning, grocery lists, shopping, driving, unloading, preparing, transporting is sometimes just too much for busy people. So they go without and suffer the fat and out of shape consequences of not eating right. What if you could order real healthy food online and have a month's worth of meals shipped to your door. Unlike other meal shipment programs, these meals are real healthy frozen food that you picked off the menu.

One 28 Day Supply will contain up to 55lbs worth of food… No other meal delivery program on the planet comes close. Nutrisystem®: 25lbs / Medifast®: 17lbs. The food tastes great, is all-natural and you will love it.

These meals DO NOT include processed fillers like noodles, pastas, white rice, potatoes or preservatives. There are 3 plans which you may order. The foods are natural products: meats, vegetables, natural dairy and select nuts… and these meals are not TV dinners. You order individually bagged meats and vegetables to create your lunches & dinners.

Check out the Meal Movement
 Great healthy foods, shipped to your door. Being too busy is no longer an excuse not to eat right.

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