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Saturday, November 19, 2011

Holiday Fat Blaster Special


For new and returning clients.
Enroll now for up to 65 fat blasting bootcamp workouts that will cover you through thanksgiving to new years. You can attend as many workouts per week as you like - up to 13 a week.

And there are no excuses!

I’m so busy right now getting ready for the holidays.
I’m going on vacation.
I’m going to have to miss workouts so I’ll just start after Jan 1st.
I’m spending a lot on gifts and stuff so my budget is tight right now.

This special covers them all - dirt cheap, flexible schedule, max workout opportunities and it covers from now until new years so even if you miss a few days you can workout right up until you leave and start back up as soon as you get back.

While everyone else is packing on the fat this holiday season, they will be asking you your secret for staying lean through the holidays. Time is wasting. Enroll Now!

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