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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Is Your Workout Effective Based Upon Time Spent?

When you go to a gym, you see diehard people in there every day just tearing it up. These people never miss a beat and come hell or highwater, they don’t miss their workout. The funny thing is that they spend hours in the gym every day and they usually never really look much different. They may already look great or they may not but they really never look much different.

So how can that be? Someone who spends 2-3 hours a day in the gym should be a freakin ninja badass. Or so you would think. I see countless people in the gym everyday who fit this description. My point is if your going to do some really hard work and a lot of it, shouldn’t there be a big payoff somewhere in regards to how you look or perform? I say yes, there should be a big payoff for your efforts.

Another popular training method that doesn’t work well is the “how many calories can I burn in an hour” plan. 700-800 calories in an hour of spin class is a big selling point for spin. Then if you went and did another hour on the treadmill, you could burn maybe another 300-400 calories. Sounds good right?

A common issue that I have with clients, which is the same issue as with the eternal gym goers, is that they go beyond the structure of my program and do more exercise while not putting the same level of effort into their nutrition plan. It is very common for people to work out super hard for 5-6 days a week and not really go anywhere. I’ve always told everyone that you can never out train your nutrition plan and win.

When you do too much exercise and don’t eat right, it actually has the opposite effect of what you would think. You end up storing more fat or keeping the fat you have and you minimize your performance enhancement. Pounds might come off from lean body mass loss but the fat stays on to hold you back. Now through attrition and time, people do eventually make progress. But the amount of effort put forth with time vs. the payoff is a very poor ratio. Some people are just genetic weirdo’s and this whole concept doesn’t apply. They could screw up everything and look like a superstar. They are the exception.

Unfortunately, too many people are wasting much of their day working out very hard and not getting the results they should. You would be better served by spending the additional hours, wasted in the gym, by working on your meal plan, actually making grocery lists, shopping & buying the food, preparing and eating it.

My program covers all of the bases of strength & conditioning, targeted fat loss cardio and nutrition. It is proven through dozens and dozens of people over years of consistent results. You don’t need to do more exercise and eat less – you just simply need to put your efforts into following the proven program.

How does 5% bodyfat loss in a week sound? How about 8-10% bodyfat loss in a month? Does it sound far fetched? I have had dozens of men and women get these types of results month after month. What secret thing did they do? They simply followed the plan and put all of their efforts into the plan and nothing more.

So if you are tired of countless hours wasted in the gym and want to actually make real progress now instead of much later, if at all, then join the winning team.

Become part of the tribe of people who want to operate in the band of personal excellence and begin the journey.

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