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Sunday, June 13, 2010

5 Annoying Things I See In The Gym

Anyone who has gone to any gym for any length of time, has seen things that just bug the crap out of you. So I'll give you 5 out of a zillion. I know you have your own so feel free to share in the comments. They are usually hilarious. Here are 5 in no order.

1. Reading a book on a cardio machine while moving slow.
2. Wearing one of the old vinyl sweat suits or a hooded sweat shirt and sweat pants while doing cardio in July. -Morons!

3. Doing the crossfit workout of the day and not knowing how to do half the exercises but trying valiantly anyway with your best guess. Almost a cool guy.

4. Putting 500lbs on the bar in the squat rack and then not going all the way down but feeling cool cause you think you squatted 500lbs, when you really didn't even pull off a partial rep. -see this all the time. Tough guys!

5. Rico Suave looking around in the mirror until some girls show up, then after kissing his biceps, he does a brutally impressive set of arm curls, usually with very poor form. - Idiot. Oh yeah I'm secretly jealous.

Yeah the twilight picture had nothing to do with the post. I'm just looking forward to seeing the next movie. Anyone want to go see the next movie with me?

Let me know what your biggest gym pet peeves are. Leave a comment and Holla!!!!!!!!!!

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