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Friday, February 5, 2010

The Dark Side of Super Bowl Sunday

Whether or not you're a football fan there is a very good chance you'll be heading to a Super Bowl party this Sunday.

And as you are fully aware, these parties can be VERY hazardous to your waistline. But hey, it's not hard to keep the pounds from packing on while watching (or ignoring) the Colts vs. the Saints.

Here are three Super Simple tips to keep you slim this Sunday:

1) Take a 15 minute walk during halftime to stimulate your metabolism and improve digestion

2) Limit alcohol consumption. Not only are these "empty calories", but they also cause you to make poor food choices. And if you're hungover on Monday, well, you'll make poor food choices the day after the game, too!

3) Sure, you can enjoy some of your favorite "guilty pleasures" but you MUST avoid hanging around the snack table nibbling on everything in site.

BONUS TIP: Oftentimes when we feel hungry it is our body craving the proper nutrients it needs to be fueled with. That's a great reason to take a Whole Foods based multi-vitamin like Prograde Nutrition's VGF 25+ OR

Have a great weekend,

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