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Monday, January 18, 2010

January Bootcamp Mid-Way Check

Here are the results of the January mid-way (2 week) check for the bootcamp at smith.

Missy lost 5.4% bodyfat and 2lbs
Kaitlyn lost 2.1% bodyfat and 2.6lbs
Becky lost 1.7% bodyfat
Betty lost 1.3% bodyfat
Karen lost 3.9% bodyfat
Kathleen lost 2.2% bodyfat
Lenny lost 1% bodyfat and 10.8lbs
Myriam lost 2% bodyfat
Paula lost 5.8% bodyfat and 2lbs

Great job everyone! Keep at the nutrition plan and let's get some big numbers at the end of the month.

Dempsey's Resolution Fitness
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