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Friday, February 13, 2009

Latonya Goes to Scary Town, Riding the Crazy Train

Today, after the bench press and knee raises, Latonya did the Friday outdoor workout. The weather was good, so the sledgehammer, stones, tires and rope came out - as did the video camera. The goal was simple - do an ass kicking, fat burning workout, make some good video clips of a female doing the outdoor training, and get Latonya some free sessions. Yes, Girls can do the Ryan and AJ type workouts and yes, they are brutally effective for total body conditioning and fat burning. Don't fear the sledgehammer and tires - they are your friends. Latonya did a very difficult workout. She also lost 2.25 inches off her waist, this week. Great Job Latonya !!!

Also, AJ is off to complete the grueling 2 week Special Forces Assessment and Selection Course(SFAS) at Fort Bragg, N.C. Good Luck AJ !!!

Bench Press 120lbs

Knee Raises 20 Reps

Tire Pushups with foot rotation

Undulating ropes 1

Undulating Ropes 2

16 lbs. Sledgehammer Drill

Squat, Tire Sidestep, Squat

Stone Deadlifts

Tire Throw with Rope Hurdle

Tire Spin and Throw

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