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Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Going Full Boar on the Bench Press

I got myself an early Xmas present. A full boar #slingshot arrived today. 

Normally, Wednesday is my shoulders / kettlebell day. With a full boar in the door, it became instant bench day. 

This week, the old broken shoulders have been hurting. The warm weather turned rainy, damp and cold. Arthritis joint pain activated.

I didn't have any big expectations other than seeing how the full boar worked. 

So it went like this:
135x20, 225x5, 255x3, 275x3, 285x3, 300x3, 225x12. 

I was very happy with this as my shoulders are really not hurting any more than they were. 

Without the slingshot, any benching would be super painful and damaging and wouldn't happen. 

The full boar slingshot delivered as expected. 

Find the tools that you need to train around your limitations. -and never give up. 

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