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Monday, November 23, 2015

Concealed Carry Draw in the Winter

Tactical series:

The thumb hook technique for clearing clothing away, during the weapon draw. 

Now, that the colder weather is creeping in, most people will be wearing coats and sweaters, when they are out and about.

For concealed weapon carriers (CCW) or people who have a permit to carry a firearm, this presents two, unique seasonal variables. 

Your weapon is much easier to conceal in the fall/winter months. 

But it can also be a bitch to get out, if you need it quick. 

What is your weapon drawing technique? Do you practice your technique? You do have a technique, right?? 

Or do you just have a gun and that mere fact alone, will generate a force field, that will protect you from the boogeyman?  Sorry, it won't. 

My technique is not "name brand", perfect or high speed. 

But it is simple and it does work. And that my friends, is my definition of functional. 

So figure out how you are going to put your weapon into action against a hostile threat, when you are bundled up for the cold. 

Or you just might end up as a warm, dead guy, with a concealed gun under his parka, on a cold winter day. 

Just a thought. 

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