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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Stretchy Pants and Your Fat Loss Program

Many women wear stretchy pants not because of the comfort but because no matter how fat or lean you get,  these pants still fit. The problem is that if you are getting fatter, you can't really tell, because your clothes still fit and feel normal. 

Try doing that with a pair of tight jeans - when you get fat, you definitely know it. And you are more likely to take action or at least be aware than if you always wore stretchy clothing. The goal is for your clothes to fit better, looser and get too big requiring a smaller size. Not to wear the same stretchy clothes for 10 years straight regardless of how fat you got. 

Wear fitted clothes most of the time. It will help you keep track of your fat loss progress or lack of progress. A good goal is to set out an old pair of jeans, swim suite, or other clothing in the size you want and give yourself a date to put them on. Put it out somewhere that you can walk by it and see it everyday. 

So minimize the stretchy pants use, wear fitted clothes, have a goal and stay aware!


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