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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Losing Weight Is Cool And Healthy Right? = WRONG

You know everyone still talks about weight loss like its cool and not a money scamming deadly rip off. When was the last time you heard some person say "Yo Adrian, I want to throw 20lbs of fluid and muscle out the window to make the scale go down"? Your weightloss needs to come from Fat, not lean body mass. There is nothing healthy about losing lean body mass to make the scale go down. And if you don't know what you are losing, odds are that it's mostly lean body mass. I check numbers every week for a bunch of people and there are patterns that you see over the years. 99% of the time, when a client loses weight (more than 2lbs), their bodyfat % goes up and their performance goes down. Why? Because bodyweight correlates with lean body mass, not to body fat. The only normal way that you can make the scale go down dramatically is to suffer a loss of lean body mass. Sure you may lose some body fat but the ratio is huge on the LBM side.

Can you lose weight and maintain lean body mass? Can it be done? Yes! But it is super hard and requires massive effort in calculating your calorie intake vs expenditure. You have to eat super right and exercise in the exact right amount. There have been studies where people went as low as 800 calories a day with a high protein, medium fat, low carb plan and lost big weight and maintained their lean body mass. Most people can't achieve that level due to a thing called life - professional bodybuilders and fitness competitors do it and they are counting grams, timing meals, doing specific cardio and workouts for exact times at certain intensity levels -all tracked in their journals and monitored by their trainers. Do you have time for that - hell no!

So what can you do? You can lose bodyfat, inches and sizes while maintaining or gaining lean body mass, improve your fitness level and change how you look and feel without worrying about the scale. It is not relevant in anything I just mentioned. I have people do it everyday and have for years now. What about the scale? - Who cares - it's in your head. If you could look like the person you want to look like in your mind but the scale wouldn't match your number would you care? -Answer should be hell No!  

Weight loss without fat loss is unhealthy, amateur and can be deadly. Beware of any doctor, dietitian, health, wellness or fitness person who preaches only weightloss. Odds are they have no clue, wouldn't know how to burn fat and are all about the money. Burn fat and build muscle - you might live a little longer.

Stay Off The Scale!

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