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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

June Bootcamp Results at Smith

The bootcampers at smith worked hard this month and accomplished some great stuff.

Anne is down 2 sizes since she started and lost 6.4lbs
Becky lost 4.4lbs, 4.4% bodyfat and 1/2 inch from her waist
Lynnecia lost 2.3% bodyfat
Sharon lost 6.8% bodyfat
Laura lost 4.3% bodyfat and an inch from her waist
Marsha lost 6.2% bodyfat in 2 weeks
Jose lost 2lbs, 4.8% bodyfat and 1/2 inch from his waist in 2 weeks
Michael lost 7.4lbs, 2.7% bodyfat and 1/4 inch from his waist in 2 weeks

Great Job Everyone! The next bootcamp at smith starts on July 5th at 0915.

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